Piedmont Gravel rides

The Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge Area is just north of Julliette, GA and is a hidden gem of gravel riding in the state of Georgia.  There are miles, and miles, and miles of dirt and gravel roads throughout the area, and the ride possibilities are essentially unlimited.  There is plenty of elevation change, lots of double track roads, and several creek crossings throughout the area.  Many of these roads have some pretty chunky gravel, so leave the road bike at home and bring either a gravel/cross bike or your MTB.

Most riders park at the boat ramp on the west side of the lake on Julliette Rd – just east of the intersection of Julliette Rd and River Ln.

Routes are up to you!  Browse the map and come up with your own route, or browse some of the popular sites (Strava, MapMyRide, RideWithGPS, etc) to look for popular routes others are riding.  The most popular riding area is bounded by the river on the west, Hillsboro on the east, Julliette Rd on the south, and Hwy 16 to the north.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t branch further out!  Another popular route called the Trans Dauset links the town of Julliette to the Indian Springs State Park and the trails inside Dauset.  Use your imagination!

This area is home to the Sac Of Suds and Fried Green 50 fundraiser rides OMBA hosts every year.  The Sac of Suds store (Facebook page) is famous from the movie My Cousin Vinny, and the Whistlestop Cafe in Julliette is of course from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.

Beautiful doubletrack.
Wide, but shallow, creek crossing.
Swoopy gravel road.
Narrower creek crossing.
Gravel on River Road.
Slickrock creek crossing.