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OMBA is a volunteer organization – everything we accomplish is thanks to regular riders donating some time and effort to make a difference in the sport they love.  In 2016 around 45 club members contributed to a total of nearly 1,000 hours of volunteer time!  The only way we get anything done is by people just like you pitching in to help out!  There’s a few ways you can help:

  1. Join OMBA Officially join OMBA/IMBA-SORBA.  The fee is very reasonable, and a portion of that fee comes directly to our chapter.  The more members we have the more influence we have with local land managers, and the more influence IMBA-SORBA has at a state and national level.  Be sure and come to the monthly club meetings to get the latest info on MTB happenings in the middle GA area!
  2. Work Parties – The trails in middle GA are like trails everywhere – they need maintenance.  Trees fall across the trail and need to be cut out.  Creeks and rivers flood leaving debris on the trail and moving bridges.  Sections that stay wet need to be worked to improve drainage or armored with rock to provide a firm riding surface.  OMBA hosts work parties throughout the year where we mobilize a volunteers to tackle major issues on the local trails – come out and help!  Bring a pair of work gloves and some water and we’ll provide the tools and teach you how to maintain trails.  Volunteering at work parties is the best way you can give back to the local trails, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the trail, meet some great folks, and if you volunteer a cumulative 10hrs or more in a single calendar year you’ll even earn a free annual pass to Arrowhead (a $150 value!)  Keep an eye on the calendar and OMBA Facebook page for upcoming work parties.
  3. Fix As You Go – If you see an issue while out riding stop and fix it if you can!  Many times when dead trees fall across the trail they’ll break up in to pieces, and you can roll the log off the trail by hand.  Carry a small pair of clippers in your hydration pack and trim back face slappers.  If we all pitch in a little here and there, it makes a huge difference overall.  Please don’t do any major work by yourself though – things like modifying the trail, or using a chainsaw.  Both of these things require specialized knowledge to do them correctly, and different land managers have different rules about who can do what on their property.  Report the issues to the club and we’ll figure out the best way to get them fixed.
  4. Donate – Use the Donate button on the sidebar (bottom of page if using a mobile device) to make a tax deductible donation to OMBA.  The club is a non-profit organization, but we need money to buy and maintain tools, buy gas for equipment, purchase new trail maintenance equipment, and host events throughout the year.