Thomson Time Trial Results

The 2017 Ronnie Thomson Memorial Time Trial went off without a hitch this weekend!  Well…there were a few crashes, at least one dropped chain and one flat tire, but everyone had a blast!  It was great seeing several folks try their hand at racing for the first time, and of course a big thanks to Mike for the tour of the Thomson plant.  Results are posted below, and shout out to Mark for and his wife for the pictures!  More can be found on the OMBA Chat Facebook group.  See more pics on Facebook at the GeorgiaMTB page right here.

1 – Ethan Sealy – 24:42
2 – Sean Huff – 26:51
3 – Tucker Judd – 29:35
4 – Mark Hollard – 31:39
5 – Michael Quinn – 36:30
6 – Sara Flowers – 34:44
7 – Mike Field – 38:11
8 – Eric Oppenheimer – 38:22
9 – Scott Irvin – 41:00
10 – Trenton Irvin – 54:05


Hanging out.
A few race bikes and one backwards bike.
Putting down some power on a practice lap before the sun set.
The Starting Line :: The Nervous Line
Sara threw a chain on her lap.
MONTE: The Man. The Myth. The Legend.
Trenton before heading out for a flat tire and a run to the finish line.
El Presidente.
The Crew